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16 de março de 2016

Located in a very nice area in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, this 260 square meter apartment has a complete view of the Guanabara’s Bay.  It was purchased by a young couple and fully remodelled according to their wishes and desires.  The interior was conceived to create a pleasant atmosphere, in accordance to the owners’ style. The new finishes and pieces of furniture are mostly white and their elegant and contemporary look adorn the room. The BWW apartment is a project that is considerate of the couple’s gatherings during the weekends. It would be perfect for anyone looking to create new dishes and to watch movies with family and friends. In order to make room for those activities, one of the bedrooms was demolished so that the living room could be enlarged. Since the owners also needed a spacious kitchen, they had removed one of its walls to make room for a black quartz table which plays a central role in the room.

Photographer: Pablo Nicolas